Bed Stuy

Is where he was born and raised. His approach is interdisciplinary — blending the best practices in photography, interactive development, design, and creative direction.


Phillip Moi-Thuk-Shung found his passion for photography working as an art director with world reknown photographers for the past 20+ years.


"We Live in Brooklyn, Baby"

The Roy Ayers quote sums it up best. Brooklyn is one of the places creative director / photographer, Phillip Shung draws his inspiration.


My Work

The following photos reflect people and places in time that have impacted my growth as a human. I hope you enjoy my collection of #BEAUTIFULPEOPLE who make this world a better place because of their encounter with a stranger with a camera.

The People

The following gallery is a sneak peek into some of the people who have impacted Shung's travels. "With every journey, I seek kinship with the natives", says Shung. He travels extensively for both work and liesure and whenever he has the opportunity, shooting everyday life is one of Shung's favorite past times.

South Africa

Shung's recent travels to South Africa took him to a few destinations on the continent. He and his travel companion (his wife Chaba), always seek to connect with new friends and family to get the "local" experience on every excursion.

"Yo, what happened to 'Peace'?"

— Eric B.

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